"The Gay Murderer" & the "I-70 Strangler" turn out to be the SAME PERSON...

Serial Killer, Herb Baumeister, AKA The "I-70 Strangler" and responsible for "The Gay Murders" in Indiana in the late 1980's and early 1990's was an odd man that rode around in a hearse and urinating on a lot of different things... In this episode, Michael Drane, UPC's resident psychotherapist dives into the Psychology of Erotophonophilia & Auto-Erotic Asphixiation. You'll also hear a psychological profile of Herb Baumeister, prolific serial killer and murderer who turned his massive estate, "Fox Hollow Farm" into a burial ground. 

This episode includes original music by Michael Drane, himself. If you want to support Michael and help the podcast grow—please support us on Patreon. Go to patreon.com/upcpodcast to become a stalker and get bonus episodes!  Thanks, everybody, we hope you enjoy the show! 

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Bystander RELOADED

This is our follow-up show to our most popular season 1 episode: Beware the Bystander, about the Bystander Effect and the New York Times story about Kitty Genovese. We gained such a huge response for this episode and are excited to get into all of your questions and comments about the show. Since recording that episode, there have been significant developments to this story, like the popular Netflix documentary "The Witness" supposedly 'debunking' the NYT story, so we'll get into all that. 

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