Stalker Questions: Nature vs. Nurture in Psychopaths

What's up Stalkers! Here's an UNPLUGGED, just for you—addressing a couple of your more recent questions about the Children of Thunder, Narcissism and Nature vs. Nurture. On the panel, we have Michael Drane, Corey Stewart and Justin Krause! Let us know how you feel as always, in the stalker group on Facebook! And stay tuned for a Ranking Cults UNPLUGGED that'll be Patron-Only! Thanks for listening, we hope you enjoy the show <3

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Generation Gaps— Truths and Stereotypes of Millenials, Gen Xers and Baby Boomers

In this episode, Michael, Andrew and Corey compiled a list of thirteen rare and bizarre experiments, to honor their favorite holiday, Halloween! The experiments range from Russian Sleep Studies to Spiders on Drugs, even to real-life Zombie Dogs! In a ranking system never before used on Unpopular Culture, a Master list guides the discussion from the 13th to the first and MOST BIZARRE experiments of all time. 

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