In this Bonus-Exclusive-Candid UNPLUGGED episode, Michael is joined by Corey and Psychotherapist Justin Krause to answer listener questions about mental illness and racial implications (if there are any). Should Patty Hearst have been pardoned for terrorism? Would Paris Hilton get away with that? 

Unpopular Culture is thrilled to introduce the much-anticipated Generation Breakdown episode, with Licensed Psychotherapist, Michael Drane, Graphic Designer, Corey Stewart, Combat Photographer, Andrew Powers and Licensed Social Worker, Justin Krause. In this exclusive 4-person panel, we dive into a breakdown of generations dating back before World War II, including: Baby Boomers, Boomers 2, Gen-X, Gen-Y (Millenials) and even as recent as Gen-Z. We collectively breakdown the unprecedented impact that technology has had on the three most recent generations, comparing very different experiences of gameboys and iPads to 8-tracks and records, modern-day navigation versus paper maps, etc. Which generation has the most social skills? Jamie Gutfreund, who was on Rob Has a Podcast to talk about Survivors vs. Millenials, sparked discussion among many, including Unpopular Culture Podcast listeners, to write in and ask about the popular reality tv show. What are some common stereotypes about your generation, and are they true? Or is sociology simply based on cultural stereotypes?

In this Crossover episode, Michael is joined by author and moderator of the Cryptid Creatures Podcast, Jesse Haynes, to piece together what IS known about the "most elaborate and mysterious puzzle of the internet age" - the treasure hunt and modern folktale known as Cicada 3301. The first message reaching the internet in 2012, stating: "Hello, we are looking for highly intelligent individuals. To find them, we have devised a test. There is a message hidden in this image. Find it, and it will lead you on the road to finding us. We look forward to meeting the few who make it all the way though. Good Luck. - 3301." Many have attempted— most to no avail. But those who have supposedly succeeded were never heard from again. Listen to folktale and 'creature' expert, Jesse Haynes, and psychotherapist, Michael Drane, discuss where this intricately devised treasure map could possibly lead.  

BRO SCIENCE & the Winter Blues with Justin Krause

Michael is joined by newcomer to the podcast, Justin Krause, licensed masters level social worker,  and together they tackle a few psychological questions about seasonal depression and whether or not that's real. What is McDonaldization? Is it better to live in a gloomy, rainy place? Or a more efficient but culture-less place? Listen to this episode to find out.

We're taking YOUR questions, here!

In this exclusive Zombie episode, Michael breaks down the group dynamics of the AMC's hit show, The Walking Dead, with ESPN fantasy columnist, AJ Mass. Together, they talk about AJ's archetypes, like the 'Old Reliable,' 'Loose Cannon' and 'Idiot Savante' and apply them to specific characters like Carol, Michonne and Daryl.

    In this bonus Friday episode, Michael is joined by cyber security engineer and tech guru, Ryan, to follow-up their first episode about Hackers and Data Breaches: Episode 6 of Unpopular Culture: "How Companies LOSE your Data" that you can find here. Michael and Ryan talk about what happens to your stolen data and identities once they are stolen. They go up for sale on the Dark Web and you'd be shocked to learn that the average price of an identity is only 10 dollars. They also give you tricks to keep your information safe and passwords confidential in this Part 2 episode of the Hackers series on the Unpopular Culture Podcast.

Just in time for Black Friday, Michael is joined by fellow psychotherapist, Dr. Kirk Honda of the Psychology in Seattle Podcast to talk about the horrific nature behind group-think and the notorious "mob mentality" that happens in so many different situations. The psychology is shocking and the group's power over us as individuals. Stay tuned for a bonus Friday episode on Black Friday where we talk about one of the biggest internet mysteries of all time!

Friday, November 18th— Send in your questions: hello@upcpodcast.com

1. Wouldn't the move be - in the case of both Daryl Dixon on TWD and Patty Hearst - to have played along with the captors? Say your name is Neegan?
2. Could Patty Hearst's conditioning from when she was brainwashed resurface later in her life?
3. Why did you do a political show when none of UPC's other content is political?

Because we put so much into our main show that releases on Tuesday morning, we decided to contrast that by pulling back the curtain for this round-table, informal, unedited forum where we answer your questions! UPC UNPLUGGED is live on Fridays to answer the questions YOU send in to hello@upcpodcast.com ! We're excited to hear what you have to say and read your questions on this unedited Friday show! 

In this shocking episode of Unpopular Culture, Michael dives deep into a disturbing case of Stockholm Syndrome (or so it seems). Patty Hearst was an American heiress born in the 1950's, whose actions following her own kidnapping left most of America confused and horrified. Many did not believe her eventual claims of being brainwashed and tortured for almost 60 days by the SLA, because of the videos released of her spewing her captor's propaganda messages like "Death to America" and even ROBBING A BANK with her captors in 1974 in the Sunset District of San Francisco. In this episode: licensed psychotherapist, Michael Drane, discusses how being brainwashed works, and how to avoid letting it turn you into a blindly-obedient minion. 


It's the year 2040 and Trump is still President.

In their final Unpopular Culture Episode ever, Michael and Corey talk about our fearless and wonderful dictator, Donald Trump— Honoring his righteous name and contributions to our country over the last decade as ruler of our once free nation. Though the looming threat of a nearby nook stands to shake them, the UPC team rallies together to celebrate the life of this wonderful podcast, and see it through to the end. After what UPC is calling the "Censorship Crusade of 2023" they've unfortunately had to shut the show down as they earned too many demerits, and are unfortunately in life-long personal debt to the Trump Empire. These are the reasons things are coming to a close, but not before one last hoorah!

In the midst of it all, Michael and Corey look back at an episode they did in November of 2016 right before Donald Trump was elected into office, to see the difference in the the politics of the United States and the UPC moderators themselves. Thanks for tuning in- from all of us here at UPC, we hope you've enjoyed the show.

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In this episode, Michael, Andrew and Corey compiled a list of thirteen rare and bizarre experiments, to honor their favorite holiday, Halloween! The experiments range from Russian Sleep Studies to Spiders on Drugs, even to real-life Zombie Dogs! In a ranking system never before used on Unpopular Culture, a Master list guides the discussion from the 13th to the first and MOST BIZARRE experiments of all time. 

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Do you trust your technology to make the decision to save your life? Michael is joined by Designer Corey Stewart and Photographer Andrew Powers to talk about Driverless cars. Are they safe? What companies are putting these out? Will Apple, Google, and Tesla take responsibility is someone dies in a driverless car?

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Michael is joined by Graphic Designer and Millenial Corey Stewart, as well as Veteran Andrew Powers to discuss the biggest lie on the internet: "I have Read and Agreed to the Terms and Conditions" and lay out some things you can do to rise above it.

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Michael recounts the atrocious 1970's communist cult known as Jonestown— where more than 900 people committed mass suicide. This episode features chilling audio of the infamous Jim Jones leading his flock to slaughter. Play at your own risk.

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Michael is joined by cyber security engineer, Ryan, to go over the deep dark secrets and corners of the internet. Together, they discuss how much an identity costs online and even hiring hit men for homicide— The Dark Web is an endless, scary resource.

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In this Episode, we cover the 1970's Stanford Prison Experiment, conducted by Philip Zimbardo, that carries massive implications about a person's ability to handle authority correctly, and what un-checked power can do to someone.

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Michael is joined by gamer and fellow clinician/podcaster, Josue Cardona to talk about the common misconceptions that stem from gaming and how we can use game theory and techniques to benefit our lives. 

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Michael Drane is joined by technology expert and cyber-security engineer, Ryan, to talk about How Companies Lose Your Data, some popular modern data breaches and how to improve your own data security and identity.

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In this episode, Michael discusses how we are all complacent because it makes us comfortable. Drawing from the Milgram Experiment, a study of blind obedience and authority conducted in the early 1960's, Michael proves that we are all susceptible to blind obedience.

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Michael and Ryan discuss the literal dopamine rush our brains get every time we use our cell phones and dig even further into how technology addiction has taken over our lives.

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Michael is joined by Andrew Powers to discuss the recent Colin Kaepernick protest controversy and other popular protests of the last century that have shaped our culture and society.

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The Bystander Effect is a social phenomenon that causes people to be less likely to take action if there are more people around because everyone thinks someone else will take care of it, a psychological tendency in our society called diffusion of responsibility.

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Michael honors the tragic life of David Reimer, the victim of a a botched surgery at the age of 8 months, forced to live out his life as a woman. This terrible headlining story of the 1970's gave way to some of the most haunting and unethical decisions of our time, effectively starting the revolution for social change in the way of gender identity.

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